The Intuition Space

Intuition is defined as immediate perception, without recourse to reason, but also as the faculty to predict, to divine… 
“L’ESPACE DES INTUITIONS” is a place where artworks and writings that evoke fields situated beyond the control of reason, arising from the unconscious, from dreams, from states of modified consciousness intersect. 
Authors and artists, trained or self-taught, express other languages, forms, and colours, in order to awaken us to their personal universe (vibratory, energetic, meditative, spiritual, visionary…) 
For them, artistic creation is a means to enter the labyrinth of intuition, to have access to parallel corridors which allow the transcription of spontaneous messages and feelings that solicit the imaginary. 
In this limitless SPACE, at once luminous and dark, colourful behind the grey or deep black, is revealed the sensitivity of those who trust in their intuition.  

Association L'Espace des Intuitions - 2017 - Reproduction totale ou partielle interdite © Tous droits réservés